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AutorI would have RKO'd damon if I was one of them vendors. Like boi, we got mouths to feed haha.
Autor: Joel Ponce
AutorHey Damon & Jo! Will you be coming by Indonesia??
Autor: shesNearandFar
Autor: Amy Cournoyer
AutorI bought a passport cover from the same place!!!!
Autor: bnpauls 1
AutorA* thumbnail there 😂
Autor: Michael Tuohy
AutorHey Damon and Jo,
You guys should really check out the Philippines (Filipino represent 🇵🇭) English is widely spoken so that's not a problem plus its just as cheap as Thailand! My top recommendations are Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, and Siargao! You should also visit vigan city in ilocos sur. Love you guys!
Autor: Kristina C.
AutorWhat is it about a market that makes you buy stuff you just don't need? 😂
Autor: Love and London
AutorThat women was actually pretty nice! Who they asked if she regreted a purchase ❤️☺️
Autor: YASSS
AutorChatuchak Market (JJ market) is one of the best things that has ever happen to me lol! I spend so much time/money there. Tip for anyone going: Don't forget to haggle (nicely) and get a discount on top of already cheap merch ... You're Welcome lol
Autor: Shanoira Lewis
AutorI need a jo and a Damon in my life .... I had a damien but he was a fuckboy
Autor: ROCIO
AutorDon't get the same color — that's me omg
AutorMy beautiful Libra
Autor: Paradox Doll
Autorlmao I'm Damon and Jo is my two sisters
Autor: Najla Khalisha
AutorYou're going to have to prove those DDR skills, Damon.
Autor: Tiffany Forrester
AutorJo, you are beautiful. :)
Autor: Aline Oliveira Zimmermann
Autor"that's my inner libra coming out" hahahah great vid guys
Autor: Meesh
AutorDamon give me that backpack since you don't want it, it's so cute and I need a denim backpack!!!
Autor: Avionna
Autor: Gabriel Vailatt
AutorHere for passport cover ideas 💡❤️
Autor: Missthomas323
AutorOmg you guys, Im going to Thailand in May this year and I've been watching your vids - your vids are making me sooo hype!! Sending lots of love your way!! 🙌🙏
Autor: Delaney Watene-Taie
AutorI went there when it was closed :/ had fun thou!!
Autor: huijunnnnnnnnnn
Autor: Jeniffer Ana
Autori feel ya damon lol😂
Autor: SparklyWafflez •
AutorOmg you're a libra Damon, that explains the indecisiveness. I'm a libra too and am totally the same lol. 😂🙈
Autor: sassyss87
AutorPassport covers? No problem! Personalized cover from genuine leather ( handmade):
Autor: Sequoia Workshop
AutorI wish I could travel like y'all! the dream.
Autor: mimi_wandering
AutorLove your tandem! Officially subscribed. :) Safe travels D&J!
Autor: Drifting Dwarf
AutorMore than a half of million subscribers...your guys are awesome, that's why.
Autor: Telma Gazio
AutorDamon is so relatable here! I tend to regret any and every purchase I make too xD
Autor: Antonie Károly
Autorso u guys just stopped making videos in portuguese?
Autor: André Matias
AutorDamon’s a Libra too?! No wonder I relate so much to him😂
Autor: Leena 3771
Autorthank you guys so much I am going exchange in a few years and you have helped me so much.
Autor: Charlotte N
AutorYou guys are better than cable
Autor: Wow Taysia
Autora caixa postal de vcs continua a mesma?
Autor: Monalisa Barbosa
Autoryou're both so hot why am i still alive omygaaad. ilygsm!!
Autor: Dennise Ann
Autoryall are sooo adorable <3
Autor: Hayley Alexis
AutorLove you guys you are so positive and yo make me feel so happy xxx
Autor: casey torres
Autorfinally a new video!! 💜
Autor: Katherine
AutorI'd love to see them come to Puerto Rico
Autor: Mathew León
AutorLargest market in the world is in Istanbul, Kapalicarsi you guys should visit there too xx
Autor: Scarlett Howard
AutorDid y'all not meet any locals from Thailand your age while you were traveling? Would've been cool if y'all made a video with a local to get insight and perspective on their culture. But awesome video nonetheless!
Autor: Marta Herrera
Autoryou guys are the best!
Autor: Arnaldo Silva
Autoroi coloca a tradução em portugues por favor
Autor: Cristian kim
Autor Was not paying attention, because of that FINE dude behind Jo's shoulder. 👀
Autor: David Boucard
Autorhow i wish to know the name of that button used in passport cover
Autor: shin kim
AutorLove you guys! You make my days better
Autor: ParkerPrincess
Autoris your camera the first g7x or mark II? can't believe the quality is so much better than my dslr! haha
Autor: Bruno Alvarez
Autorthat market looks so amazing.Usually I take forever deciding if something is worth buying but I feel like when I travel, I'm much more open about it because I don't want to regret not buying something and knowing I might not be back for awhile. It's happened before so I know myself and I need to set aside a little extra for those purchases
Autor: brendarubi
AutorI'm totally like Damon when it comes to buying things.
Autor: Samantha Baquiran
AutorDamon I get you though..the Libra struggle haha
Autor: Mari Stella
AutorOnde é isso?
Autor: birine8
AutorGuys Come to Korea urhdhfhhd
Autor: JM
AutorSuckest video ever
Autor: Didarul Islam
Autortraz mais video do brasil pfff
Autor: sah
AutorDang how long were you guys in Thailand
AutorOh my god, I was there 3 weeks ago like bruh. When I was there, I learned that the Thais spelled it "Jatujak" instead of Chatuchak lol. I got passport covers too aye!
Autor: Aqil Feisal
Autorfaz vídeos em português , amo vcs mais nn sei nada eu q vcs falam 😢
Autor: Ane Ester Oli
Autorai jesus, amo os videos de vocês <3
Autor: anasvo
AutorI've binge watched your videos for the past 3 days
Autor: AliaBoo11
AutorI'm the same as Damon when I go shopping LOL
Autor: samantha siebert
AutorI think you guys need to get marry ASAP.
Autor: Queen Of R&b Lauryn Hill 👑
AutorGuys you've been pretty much everywhere is Greece on your list like at all ? It would be awesome if you could make videos in Greek islands or in Athens while trying to speak Greek and eating amazing Greek food 🇬🇷 please consider it!!💙
Autor: Helen Mendez
AutorI bought mine at roadeavour!
Autor: Joie Mojica-Gahum
AutorThat guy at is staring a bit too hard at Damon's bootayy. Loool
Autor: Josette Leader
AutorI'm so Damon when I go shopping XD
Autor: Hiba
AutorThos passport covers in Thailand are popular!
Autor: christianefbowiefan
Autormy mum lives in bangkok so ive been with her a couple times, she told me story of one of her friends going, seeing a puppy in a cage and felt so sorry for it that she bought it, just to get the dog out the cage. she took it to the vet to get vaccinations done and the vet told her that it wasnt a dog but a baby bear!
Autor: Zara The Moo
Autorokay this is one place since binging that I want to go. That place looks like so much fun.
Autor: pynkstarr
Autorlove yall to the max
Autor: Jessica Paul
AutorI wish these thailand vlogs would never end!! SO much fun to watch
Autor: pinkiewinkie7
AutorDamon do you know the underwear you bought is probably fake
Autor: casey torres
AutorLove you two sooooo much lulllll
Autor: CupofTJ
Autor"Underwear are things you wear everyday unless you gettin crazy like me" 😂

I am the same way about buying anything, Damon! I am like, "should I, or shouldn't I?" for 20 minutes before leaving the store emptyhanded.
Autor: G Wightman
Autordang this made me want a travel buddy, even tho I hate shopping I would go to a market all day with a friend shoot
Autor: Veni Vidi Amavi
Autoryou guys are always so fun to watch!!!! ❤️
Autor: cybergurl d
AutorJo is flawless and Damon is me when shopping
Autor: NYC Rara
AutorHi can you tell me where is it?
Autor: ហឿង គីមមុី
AutorI love your love for each other.
Autor: Chicneccu
AutorBought that passport cover too... been using it for a while. That market is great. I recommend the tank tops and go check the pet section and house decorations... pretty cool stuff.
Autor: Cédric Chastagner
AutorWhere is the DDR in where you guys were at?
Autor: Evelyn Hernandez
Autordamon going shopping is me
AutorComprei Uma capa pra passaporte aqui so por causa de vocês ahahah
Autori let a woman pierce my nose with an eargun in malta for banter. i now have an earing in my nose - i regret it, but s'all part of the experience haha
Autor: 53
AutorAll of Damon and Jo's videos make me so happy 🙏❤
Autor: Katherine Alves
Autorlmao Im like Damon ... I literally regret everything i buy (i hate the mall)
Autor: Kimiko Kasai
AutorFlying out at the end of Feb!
Autor: HanaBean
AutorOmg you're a libra Damon, that explains the indecisiveness. I'm a libra too and am totally the same lol. 😂🙈
Autor: sassyss87
AutorSdds videos falando Portugues <\3
Autor: Alex18 Gamming
AutorLibra squad?♎️💁🏾‍♀️
Autor: Oof
AutorI gave up using my passport cover. Passport wont fit into scanner in the EU and they dont like em in general
Autor: Manuel Pfennig
AutorDown below if it's sad
Autor: Evelyn Fasulu
AutorJo is so beautiful ❣️❣️💕❣️💕
Autor: L ems
AutorYou guys are rich in friendship! Love.
Autor: abfabheckyeah
AutorI would've had a purple one. Well, actually I wouldn't have had one at all, but if I HAD it would've been purple.
Autor: Imo and Izzy Vlogs
Autor: วันวินท์ บุญเวชธนวงศ์
Autor" Jo just beware of crack" 😂😂😂
Autor: Gabi G.
AutorThose passport covers are hecka cute!
Autor: High Maintenance Minimalist
AutorDamon, marry meee pls
Autor: Marcelo Henrique
AutorCade os videos em portugues ?
Autor: Morg Cyber
AutorI've been there! 😄
Autor: vivian chevy

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