Rowse Manuka Honey REVIEW

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AutorTry tic tac gum
Autor: Ellie Nichols
AutorAuthenticity is going to me my word of the week. Also honey is so weird nd even till today I'm unsure about this product. Plus a natural honey not good for your body but okay for insides are questionable
Autor: Jordan Kirpalani
AutorBetter be the the best honey ever for that price
Autor: Cameron Downes
AutorIt's a shame you didn't use proper butter with those crumpets. I'm sure that they would of been more delicious 😋
Autor: Mark's Weekly Upload
AutorIam going to the shops to buy this honey now it looks really tasty.
Autor: nicky cleere
Autorexpensive stuff.
Autor: Steely666
AutorOr orange juice
Autor: richard stevens
AutorOh bee good
AutorI think that when you said that it was “warm”, you meant that the honey is quite runny.
Also, I laugh every time you said “ROWSE”.
Autor: DJ 3lectrical
AutorOh damn, you've made me want to try it!!
Autor: Michael Jamieson Comedy
AutorOmg. I need that toaster. Its brilliant. X
Autor: Mam justice
AutorWhere's the cup of tea to wash it down
Autor: richard stevens
AutorI was trying to find that late last night and there were only a few small shops open, I got some honey from Romania that's sent me a little crazy for it rite now!
How can you have less honey than bread?
You should have got a free supply of this for doing the video
Autor: Danny P
AutorPurchased! (Although my label was different). Review to come!
Autor: Michael Jamieson Comedy
AutorNo offence Charlie but what the hell is wrong with hull? it's such a small place yet you seem to change half of the English language. Pikelets ffs....Never heard that in my life. Crumpets are even what the yanks say to us to take the piss "oooh crumpets n tea guvnor" etc. Odd. The whole "laaaaaarm" thing for "lime" is mental too. Can i ask, do young people round there still call things these bizarre names or has it died off now the internet has connected the area to the rest of England? I can't remember now but there have been loads of things you've said weirdly, that people seem to say in hull. Oh called it something odd...kay lie ?  Its like something off willywonka "the snozz berries taste like snozz berries. The whizzy pops are great this time of moonwuzzle"
Autor: SopranoPictures
AutorHey Charlie they use Manuka honey within certain dressings for wounds on our bodies cos it is really good for healing! I had to use these Manuka honey infused dressings on my leg and it really helped for a while and these were expensive dressings too! xxx on the other hand ... I really don't like eating honey lol
Autor: vixx1983
Autorco-op brown bread is nicer, sainsburys white cheap bread is lovely !!!!
Autor: J Fox Khajiit
AutorEre! Look at you and your posh toaster!

I want one, my toaster seems so basic now 😂😂
Autor: Bryn Harding
AutorThe pikelets pop out of the tissy tesser. Spread on some beezy butts. Wash it down with a cup of wettyhotter.
Autor: SopranoPictures
Autorshops r shut round my end, lol.
Autor: Steely666
Autor13GBP ? That's $17.06 here in the U.S. I think i would be hard pressed to find ORGANIC honey for that. I mean at a typical store. Some place in the Hampton's or Beverly Hills, perhaps.
Did you seriously put the toast DIRECTLY on the table instead of on a plate, you silly boy?
lol: "BBAHHH--ah !" "I can't believe it's not BBAHHH--ah !"
Autor: Sloppy Turtle
AutorSeen it for around £25 a jar too.
Autor: s125ish

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